about me

Shiori Stephany Kondo_:

This is a recollection of how I viewed the world at one point, in a state of constant flux. 

Ever since I first picked up a camera, my meaning and intention in every photograph has been changing, shifting, at all times: somewhere in a myriad of what used to be validation, FOMO, or purely chasing light. This space is a documentation of such, and the expression of my mind. 

Having spent 5 years of my childhood in California, being a multicultural kid in Japan has been an unnecessarily dramatic experience. Breaking the rules in high school and starting an Instagram account was what allowed me to reach the starting point of the road that I so desperately needed to be on. Through the platform, through the encounters, through new opportunities and periods of slumps, my vision was broken and nurtured… and will continue to be. 

Currently in the midst of starting a new life in Vienna.